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Brentwood Owl Let's go Camping Smores Banner 4x4 Photopolymer Stamp Set



  • 4x4 Stamp Set featuring ten original hand-drawn images and sentiments by Jessica Lynn - Owner/Artist for JessicaLynnOriginal Studios.
  • All of our stamps are manufactured in the United States. We do not create ANY of our stamps internationally. 


    Photopolymer stamps are a type of stamp designed to give a detailed, high-quality impression. They are made of a light-sensitive polymer material that hardens when exposed to light. This allows the stamp manufacturer to create a detailed design that will transfer onto paper or other surfaces when the stamp is pressed against it. Photopolymer stamps are perfect for creating intricate designs with text, logos, and other artwork. To use them, ink the stamp and press it onto the desired surface. The light-sensitive polymer material will harden when exposed to light, making a sharp, detailed impression.

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    © All Rights Reserved for our stamps and images, which are copywritten. 


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