Newest Photopolymer Stamps


I am so excited to give my sister her chicken foot stamp for her birthday.Easy to order and exactly what I wanted! Thanks for the fantastic service..

Sandra B

I keep coming back because I enjoy every purchase I get! My custom stamp turned out perfect!! I have stamps that are over 6 years old that are still printing beautiful work - I think it's because of the quality craftsmanship of the stamp. Thanks!

Vicki Jurica

I AM OBSESSED!!! She replied back so quickly. Sent out the stamp not even 24 hours later....great customer service!! Highly highly recommend!!!


I am super excited to get this stamp! It is an excellent addition to my packaging for my shop, and is exactly what I ordered! I went to a major office supplier yesterday to check their prices on stamps, and this seller is definitely competitive with them. It is also such a pleasure to help another small business owner!.

Crystal Bolte