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The Owner of JessicaLynnOriginal

Hi, my name is Jessica Lynn. I am a blogger, an artist, a business owner, Etsy store owner, mom, and loving wife. I am based out of Wisconsin.

I started my first business when I was four or five. It was a Kool-Aid stand that my Dad taught me how to run. We went to the grocery store and he showed me the list of items that I need to run the stand. It was your basics, you know. Sugar, cups, Kool-Aid, etc. My original thought was this is going to be really easy. After twenty minutes of explaining all of the types of sugar and their costs, I realized that there we a lot of pieces that went into making the drink affordable and making money. I knew I wanted good sugar so that my customers would be happy, but I realized I could save on the cups and get plain not fancy ones. (they get thrown away anyway). We stood in the store adding up my costs and figuring out how much each one had to cost to make any money and make it worth my time. It was one of the most amazing lessons that I ever got from him. After a few weeks of making money with my stand, I decided the cups were too plain and needed something so I started drawing on them. Well, I should have known then that stamps and art were going to be my thing, but I didn't.  (hindsight is 20/20) All of the kids love my silly drawings (my art is much better than it was then.. ).

It was such an amazing gift that I am forever thankful to him for. It was the gift of learning how to use your talents to make money for your family. About being resourceful with the gifts that you were given and a great understanding of basic business.

When I was in my twenties I tried to submit my art to a bunch of established rubber stamp companies. They told me that it was nice, but we hire professionals who do this for a living. I kinda felt like they had given me the middle finger and wished me away. It was one of the rudest groups I had ever dealt with. Now they are not ALL like that, but it wasn't something I was expecting.  Toughened up and tried again, but to no prevail. The boss at the time was a great friend and I told her what I was trying to do. She said.. "Why not just start your own company". It was like someone had hit me with a hammer, DUH, it was always my dream to own my own business. I was an entrepreneur before it was cool. I took one hundred dollars of my share funds with my husband Aaron and we did it. We started Rubber Stamps. I started as a sister company to use as advertising and to get more practice with my custom stamp designing. All of that was back in 2005 so we fast forward a good twelve years later and we have had some amazing experiences.

We have been featured in: Oprah Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, CardMaker's Magazine Twice (Spring & Winter 2016), First To Find Geocaching Magazine, Voted 4th Best Crafting Business in Milwaukee Alist,  Fox 6's Real Milwaukee (TV), Joy (the movie), Part of the Oscar's Grab Bags (2012), Pugfest, PetExpo, Channel 10 Auctions, Crafts Shows, and More. Visit our Press page for more information.

I am very blessed. I have been married to the love of my life for 20  years (this July) together for 25!!  We have two amazing little girls that I love everything I am. They are smart loving and the best part is I get to spend my life watching them grow, love, help, and be such great people. The whole TeamMould is part of our business. The whole family packs up orders and sometimes my daughters like to send along their "thank you" notes. Remember when you buy from a small business you are helping us part those surprise bills, or dance class, or save away for their college. So it really means a lot that you choose to work with me.  I take this company and my role as owner and artist very seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I can not WAIT to see what you create with our stamps.

I look forward to getting to know you too!