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What is Creative Artistry and How Does it Work? Meet the Owner of

What is Creative Artistry and How Does it Work? Meet the Owner of


At the tender age of four or five, I  embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, setting up my first business – a Kool-Aid stand, with a little help from my Dad. Our first stop was the grocery store, where he imparted the essential knowledge for a successful venture – the importance of sugar, cups, Kool-Aid, and more. Initially thinking it would be a breeze, I soon realized the intricacies involved, especially after my Dad delved into the varieties of sugar and their prices. Understanding the significance of factors like affordability and profitability became clear. With patience, my Dad guided me through calculating the cost of each item, leaving me with a valuable lesson that remains one of the most impactful teachings from him. My mother instilled in me a passion for creativity and granted me the artistic freedom to draw and explore my imaginative side. We entered coloring contests, art events, and her words encouraged me to use my creative brain to come up with something beyond what I ever thought I could ever do. The fusion of a business-oriented mindset with a creative spirit has propelled me into an incredible journey and adventure.


With a shared investment of one hundred dollars from my husband Aaron and me, we took the plunge and launched Rubber Stamps. As a complementary venture, I established to enhance our advertising efforts and hone my skills in custom stamp design. This journey began in 2005, and as we fast-forward through the years, we've been fortunate to accumulate a wealth of fantastic experiences with companies and fans of my work.

Our brand has been prominently featured in various esteemed platforms, including Oprah Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Seasonal appearances in the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop over twenty-five times, and being showcased twice in Card Maker's Magazine (Spring & Winter 2016). Additionally, we've made notable appearances in First To Find Geocaching Magazine, secured the 4th position as the Best Crafting Business in Milwaukee Alist, featured on Fox 6's Real Milwaukee (TV), played a part in the Oscar's Grab Bags (2012), and participated in events like Pugfest, PetExpo, Channel 10 Auctions, Craft Shows, and more. For a comprehensive overview, please visit our Press page.

Visit our Press page for more information. 


I've always aspired to elevate my company to the 'next level,' and that moment has finally arrived. Over the past few years, I've dedicated my time to educating college-aged students at a university about entrepreneurship and imparting the skills to run their own businesses. Simultaneously, I'm cultivating my YouTube channel with content centered around art, adventures, and pure fun! Embracing creativity and being authentic is what I cherish most.

Two YouTube Channels:

Your steadfast support as a customer has played a pivotal role in making our business a success. We genuinely hope the items you've purchased bring you immense joy, and we look forward to your continued support in the future. As part of my creative journey, I'm currently documenting and illustrating a children's book, and I'm excited to share this delightful project with you.


Jessica Lynn 

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