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Welcome Friends of Josh & Hayley from HairyTornado

Welcome Friends of Josh & Hayley from HairyTornado

Ever since the inception of Josh and Hayley's YouTube Channel, I've been an avid fan. Witnessing the remarkable transformation and growth of their business has been truly inspiring. Recently, they ventured into the world of vintage items by launching a booth. While observing their meticulous process, I noticed they were manually writing all their tags.

Eager to contribute, I took the initiative to craft a custom rubber stamp tailored to perfectly fit on their tags, see the image it is the top left stamp. Now, they only need to write in the description, as the Name and Booth Number will consistently appear in the designated spot, streamlining their process and enhancing the professional touch to their booth.

I wanted to make them something special for their other packages! I created the art of Mose, and turned it into a stamp that is self inking and has the website link to the LinkTree! I draw all of the art you see. 

Hello, I'm Jessica, the proud owner of for nearly 18 years. I take pride in creating and designing all the artwork showcased on my website, including custom and photopolymer clear stamps. I find immense joy in assisting you with personalized rubber stamps, whether it's for your logo, tags, or just to add a touch of fun to your projects. If you are looking for something custom just ask, I am sure I can draw it out for you. Learn more about me here!


This is 15% off Everything and anything is our store! Custom stamps, stickers, digital stamps, original art, and more!

 I look forward to working with you! 

Jessica Lynn


MyTwo YouTube Channels:

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