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JessicaLynnOriginal Studios - Owner/Artist Biography


When I was just four or five, I started my first business with help from my Dad - a Kool-Aid stand! We went to the grocery store, and he taught me the basics of what I needed to make it successful - sugar, cups, and Kool-Aid, to name a few. At first, I thought it would be a piece of cake, but after he explained all the different types of sugar and their prices, I realized there were a lot of factors to consider when it came to making my drinks affordable and making money. My Dad showed me how to calculate the cost of each item, so I could make a profit, and it was one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned from him. 


I took one hundred dollars of my shared funds with my husband Aaron, and we did it. We started Rubber Stamps. I started as a sister company for advertising and to get more practice with my custom stamp designing. All of that was back in 2005, so we fast-forward years later and have had some fantastic experiences.

We have been featured in: Oprah Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Seasonally in the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop, CardMaker's Magazine Twice (Spring & Winter 2016), First To Find Geocaching Magazine, Voted 4th Best Crafting Business in Milwaukee Alist, Fox 6's Real Milwaukee (TV), Joy (the movie), Part of the Oscar's Grab Bags (2012), Pugfest, PetExpo, Channel 10 Auctions, Crafts Shows, and More. Visit our Press page for more information.


I have always wanted to move my company to the "next level" and that next step. I have spent the past few years teaching and educating college-aged students (at a University) about being an Entrepreneur and how to run their own businesses. I am building my YouTube channel with Art, Adventures, and fun! I love to be creative and be able to just be me!

Thank you for being a loyal customer and helping to make our business a success. We hope the items you purchased bring you much joy and that you continue to follow us and shop with us in the future.


Jessica Lynn