About Us


Who is JessicaLynnOriginal?

We are a family run business that was opened April 1st, 2005. Owned by Aaron and Jessica Lynn Mould. We have spent that last fourteen years creating custom rubber stamps for other businesses and companies. We have also created an amazing line of clear photopolymer rubber stamps including our Brentwood Owl© and AKC Dog stamps.  

As the owner and the artist I have been able to bring three of the biggest dreams together.

  1. Art - I love being able to hand drawn the images that you see in our stamps as well as the requests from our customers.
  2. Owning my Own Business - As a woman entrepreneur I have always loved being able to be in charge of my own destiny. If I work hard I do well, if I don’t we struggle. I enjoy a good challenge and LOVE being able to bring my skills to our team. 
  3. It is a family business – My husband runs the shipping and packaging. My daughters are learning an amazing lesson about business and doing more than you think possible.

Over the past fourteen years we have has some amazing success including: [Press Page

  • Being featured in Oprah Magazine for our custom stamps. It was such an amazing moment to be featured in such a prestige and well-loved magazine. Not to mention all of the amazing cards that our customers and us have submitted to magazines. To see a design I drew in a magazine – still gets me!
  • Having our local news Fox-6 feature us for most of the full new hour. They came out to our business and featured us. It was such an unbelievable experience.
  • Many wonderful vendor experiences where were able to actually get out and meet our customers in person. We love being able to see what you create and how you plan on using the stamps. It inspires me more than you will ever know.
  • Having one of our custom stamps in the movie Joy with Jennifer Lawrence. The movie is about a small business owner making a change in life for her family and I couldn’t have been more connected with a project ever. You can actually SEE the stamp in the movie.
  • Getting to share our love of design and stamps with Tim Tracker and ResortTV1. We created custom stamps for them when they mail their thank you, etc. We love watching their channels on YouTube and it was a huge honor.

Plus so many more, I could go on for DAYS. I mean forever. I love doing this. I love designing stamps and customs for all of you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us.

     Are JessicaLynnOriginal products in stores or online?

    We are working on getting our stamp line in additional stores in 2019. We are currently only available at: JessicaLynnOriginal.com, Amazon, and online at: Not2Shabby.

    Does JessicaLynnOriginal offer a publication incentive?

    YES!! We are please to offer you two free stamp sets of your choice for each project published in a printed magazine. You may substitute for a custom stamp as well. Just ask.

    We have been blessed to have beedn featured in some amazing locations including: Oprah Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Creative Scrapbooker, The movie Joy, Oscar grabbags, and more! Be sure to check out our full Press Page!