Star Wars BB8 loves Valentine's Day

Something that I have wanted to do for a very long time show you part of my process taking it from idea to a sketch and eventually all the way to a final card. So when I'm Twitter and I wanted to see what everyone thought about what type of Valentine's Day cards like to create. I ended up getting quite a few  Responses asking if I could draw BB8.

So that what a fun challenge so I got out my notepad and I doodled up the entire design in then I went ahead and took it into final line art. The next step that I do is scanning in the image and turning it into a digital stamp which takes a lot of clean up adjustment of lines in the video I have it for about 8 minutes but it probably took me more like 45 minutes to do all of the clean up periods from there I'm able to make a card and I hope that you love watching this video. Please know that I draw all of the art that you see in our websites and I do make modifications to my art as well.  

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Happy Sunday Everyone,

Jessica Lynn

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