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When you are starting your first business it is really important to get your branding together. Find a great logo that really works for your company. The best printed marketing pieces are well designed and use the same fonts, colors, and themes so they all work together. Typical printing costs and be hundreds and thousands of dollars if you buy all of the materials up front. My suggestion would be to start small, don’t spend a lot. You have time to build up your materials as the company grows.

Business Cards

We can create you a custom rubber stamp that you can use with your logo that you stamp on cut cardstock. Then you make them as you need them. You can purchase one stamp with your contact information/logo that goes right on the cards.

Letterheads & Envelopes

You can use the same custom stamp that you used for your business cards for your letterhead & envelopes. Most companies want large quantity of these items to produce them for you. When you are first starting out it is important to keep your quantity and costs low.

Thank you Cards

We can work with you to design a custom look that works with your logo to custom Thank you cards. Be sure to thank your customers for choosing you in the first place. You can send them digital versions, but for your bigger customers a hand written thank you card will go a LONG way. You would be surprised. We can designing you a custom stamp that it personalized to your brand and company. Why choose one that Everyone is using.. Be original. And we can help.

We have a full line of custom stamps or we can work with your art! I draw almost all of the art that you see in our store and I can draw whatever your dream stamp or design might be.

Here is the link to our custom stamps {visit here}. We can save you a lot of money because our custom stamps are produced using fine red rubber that will stamp up to hundreds of stampings. You will get your moneys worth in a few weeks of owning it. As with the high quality we produce I am sure you will return for more! We love our customers and other small businesses!

Any questions please just contact us for more information or to describe your stamping needs.

Have a great Monday!

Jessica Lynn


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