Product Review: LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp: Sewing, Craft, and Puzzle Light

The amazing team at BrightTech offered me the opportunity to be able to review one of their floor magnifying lamps. It worked out really well because at the same time I was looking for a new lamp to use for when I'm recording how-to videos on my YouTube channel, JessicaLynnOriginal.  They allowed me to choose the lamp that would suit everything I was doing best so I picked it with wheels. They shipped the lamp off to me as very very quickly. October it's a very busy month for us an I was not able to shoot the video any sooner. I wish I would ever be able to because I am extremely happy with this product.

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Unboxing the product was extremely simple I had my husband go ahead and put it together because he typically is the one who is good at that process. After filming the unboxing and putting the lamp together I think anyone could have done it. It had step by step directions and it was straightforward.  I will say the hubby did a great job. 

We have the lamp in together in less than five minutes and plugged in and working in less than six. 

There are a lot of pros to this lamp:

1.  Everything is constructed very heavy so I don't feel like the lamp is going to tip over or fall when I move it around.

2. The color light can be adjusted to either warmer or cooler colors depending them what your eye sees better.  I am excited to try to use more of the cooler colors to see if that helps YouTube Tutorials.  When you film at night it has a weird yellow glow  So I am hoping this lamp will help with some of that.

3.  Having wheels at the bottom is really going to make this product something I can use at multiple workstations within my craft room.  In my office, I not only have my YouTube tutorial station but also a pick pack order station as well as a sewing machine.

4. While I currently don't need the lamp for the magnification it does do that up to a 175x. If you have trouble viewing close I could really see how someone who loves crafts who is struggling to see all of the small fine detail such as in cross-stitch or crochet could really use this lamp's magnification option.

Cons to this lamp:

1. When the magnification lid is open you can only turn it about 180 degrees before the glass falls out.  After review, I believe that it was construction error because we didn't have the plastic piece tight enough. When it arrived it was not tightened so be cautious of there because I would hate for you to expect to be able to use the magnification peace and then it break.  Now be honest ours did not break it was such a thick piece of glass that it's all fine and looks perfect it didn't even scratch.  So I suppose that is less of a con and more of a cautionary tale.  Because I'm not currently using it for the magnification I am actually in a put a piece of tape on that part just to make sure there's no worry about it breaking.

2.  Before using make sure that you have all of the pieces tightly secured down.  Again during our construction, I questioned at 1st the main support pole.  But after we found the pieces to tighten that up it's a very strong and secure lamp and again more of a cautionary tale than a con.

 Overall I am very very impressed with this product and I was honored that I was picked to review and test it out.  While I can't say that it is perfect for everyone I definitely could see this for someone who does a lot of crafting and need some light where the lamp does not get hot. I also think if you were meeting some extra magnification to do any of your crafts this lamp is 100% perfect for you.  It is versatile and I am not worried about two kids and two dogs that my lamp will fall over on them.

I was given this lamp for free to review but I will be honest it was worth every penny that I would have paid to purchase it. I am so excited to have a new light for filming as well as for crafting in the evenings. Living in Wisconsin word as dark by 5:00 p.m. over the winter I am so excited to have this new tool for office. 

 I do believe that this would be a wonderful Christmas gift or birthday gift or in any time because I love you gift to someone who crafts and spends a lot of time and the evenings crafting. Here is a link if you want to take a look at this lamp on their website : 

Keep Moving Forward,

Jessica Lynn

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