One Hour with anyone who would it be?

If you could sit on a bench and chat with ANYONE for one hour.. who would it be? 

What a crazy idea, there are so many people that I would love to talk to and just pick their brain with their thoughts on different things I am working on.  The first thing most people would think is celebrity? But for me family has always come first. I can think of a few people I would rather spend a little time with.

I would love to spend some time with my grandfather, and I would bring my grandmother with (who is very much alive).. She misses him dearly. Many year ago we had the two of them over for dinner and I remember listening to the story of how he met my grandmother. I WISH cell phones would have been as available as they are now. I would have recorded the whole thing. True love. It just so amazing.. and my grandpa was just so in love with her. I would love to watch him tell that story again. I have been blessed with my amazing husband who I think could tell the story of our relationship that could make you cry.

My Dad, Tom passed away when I was in high school and I would love to just pick his mind or see what he thinks about the options that I have chosen. I would love him to see photos of my husband and kids and be able to spend some time just talking. When I was twelve he said to me that I can do whatever I choose, but I would need to find my way to be original or something different to set myself apart from others. I got some amazing advice from him in a short amount of time and I still think about him daily.

I think just making sure that you take the time to spend a little time with those you love will help you bring them with you for your lifelong adventure. I bring my Dad with me every day.. he inspires me to move forward.  He inspired me to start this business and do something different.  I draw almost all of the art that you see in our shop, which is very different than many other locations. I love being able to share my ideas and art. It means so much to me that you create cards and crafting using the art that I make.

In the comments below be sure to add your feedback. I would love to hear your ideas.

Have a great Tuesday,

Jessica Lynn

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