Losing a Pet is never easy | Custom Hand Drawn Art

I have two older dogs who I worry about every day and today a Friend Kathleen lost he beautiful Abby. She was a beautiful St. Bernard. It is the best and worst part of pets. Having them in your life to love and get love in return. 10+ years of any pet sometimes is not long enough.

Growing up I had a dog named Lucky who was my best friend. When I was sad I could cry to him until I was done. He didn't care how long it took, he would sit there and hug me back. He was the most amazing dog that I have ever had. The second best dog ever has been my Strider. He is getting ready to celebrate his 14th birthday and my heart is just aching. I love him so much.. he is just like Lucky.. listening and when I am working on designing new stamps RIGHT THERE on my left.. enjoying my company.

Just like family.. enjoy them..love them.. be Thankful for them.

I hope that you enjoy this video, I couldn't even get through the introduction without crying for her loss. I hope that you enjoyed this different type of video. I am very happy with how my drawing turned out. Kathleen and I talked about designing a full St. Bernard set and asked if I took photos for those images that I draw. She said she would have LOVED to have Abby featured.. and NOW she will. I am working on that St. Bernard set and I will offer pre-sales soon. If you love my art please know I draw it ALL in my office with a black pen, I have my stamps made in Atlanta GA.

I am proud that ALL of my stamps are made in the USA. Please subscribe and I would love to hear from you below.

Love, Jessica

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