Card Challenge | Use the first 8 supplies you bought | #RememberWhen there were no fancy tools

WARNING - this card is rough!! It is back of a crazy challenge that I thought would be fun to see. It is called #RememberWhen. Remember when we didn't have die cuts, fancy tools, etc? I thought it would be fun to go back to the start so almost 14 years ago, I started "card making" with paper, scissors, double stick glue, four copics, and a glitter pen. I remember telling my original design team that  I was not a card maker, but I think it was my supplies that kept me back. This video just made me laugh and remember how tough those first few cards were. If you try this challenge please tag me or send me the link. I would love to see you try and revisit your start to card making!! Now is time for me to get our my die cuts and brother scan n cut and make something amazing. :)

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